With the financial support from the Municipality of Liepaja, the Science and Innovation Park has implemented the project “Nature’s Embassy in Liepaja”, within which the Nature Embassys Cabinet technical equipment was advanced. Office is located at the University of Liepaja, Faculty of Nature and Engineering, Kr.Valdemara Street 4. The Natural Embassy wants to contribute to the actual problem solving in environmental education – to promote the development of students’ competence for their lives and activities in nature, which provides an understanding of natural processes, human-environment interaction. The goal is to bring the child closer to the real nature environment. Stocks and work materials are created for students of different ages in order to create interest and develop skills in recognizing natural objects in their surroundings, to encourage further independent research activities. The result of the study was to acquire a natural science study. The lessons are planned and run by lecturers and students of LiepU, gaining experience in practical work with pupils. During the project implementation and after its completion, it is planned to organize various thematic events (educational and research activities, competitions, Olympiads, nature trails) in environmental education for various target groups – pre-school, special school, general education school students and other interested persons.