For several years, the Science and Innovation Park has been researching and developing printing technology for the production of small-scale products. Latvia is a small country with many small companies with a relatively small audience. It is right for such companies that small-scale product production is required. The new technology has not only been developed and introduced into production, but has already successfully coped with the student diary for 2017/2018. the school year for 156 Latvian schools. During the summer months more than 180 diaries were produced, in total delivering 20,000 diaries by September 1th. The technical capabilities allow you to make various small-scale works such as forms, envelopes, gift bags, calendars, labels and other products. Currently, we are successfully cooperating with a significant number of Latvian companies to cater for the 2018 calendars. Major orders come from companies like SIA S&P BALTIC, SIA KRAUSS, SIA PK Mežs, SIA SPERRE BALTIC, SIA VIKOTRANS, KS Termināls, Bask Apsardze, SGS Latvija Ltd. SIA, SIA METKON, SIA GRANDEG SERVISS, SIA Eco House Industries, SIA Kuldīgas komunālie pakalpojumi, SIA Baltic Block, AGANDE FINANSES SIA, Harbour Enterprise SIA, AS LYTAGRA, Baltic Zinc Technics SIA, SIA Baltic Consol Line, ALOJA-STARKELSEN SIA, PBC SIA, SIA SAVJER, SIA ‘ACA Timber, SIA Baltic Builders Alliance, SIA Vianova, SIA ABIO”, SIA EKERS etc.